Thursday, 9 March 2017

BatmanBad Blood
Dir: Jay Oliva
Jay Oliva and Warner Bro's DC animations have done well over the last few years and Batman: Bad Blood, the third part of the Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert adaptations following Son of Batman and Batman Vs. Robin, is a great continuation of the story. Aspects of the two previous films were getting a little tiresome I have to admit but Bad Blood starts with intrigue from the outset and honestly kept me guessing right up to the end. Sometimes the inclusion of multiple superheros and super-villains can be a sign that the ideas have dried up but this isn't the case here. It was great to eventually see the likes of Electrocutioner, Firefly, Tusk and Killer Moth and I was surprised that they included the introduction of Batwoman as although the fans know the difference between her and Batgirl, the mainstream audience probably wouldn't. This suggests that DC/Warner Bros are making these films primarily for the fans, for a change I must add. The return of Nightwing and the development of his relationship with both Batman and the new Robin is one of the stronger aspects of the story and I'm glad the angry son of Batman story line is calming down a bit now. Batwing is also a newer character whose appearance was welcome but as much as I liked the Luke Fox (son of Lucius Fox) origins of the character, I would have liked to have seen the David Zavimbe version of the character, although I have no idea how it would have worked in the overall story. The best aspect of the this particular Batman story though is the absence of Batman himself. It was a great way of developing new characters and existing character who really hadn't had the time or opportunity to be anything beyond their costumes and abilities. It's no masterpiece, the DC/Warner Bros animations are rushed somewhat to meet the annual release deadlines but I guess no one expects the next Batman: MaskOf The Phantasm, not with a straight to DVD release anyway. Overall it is a great continuation of the story, one I can see getting really good from here on.

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